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Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 4: Organisation – Listening

A. Listen to Richard Rawlinson, Vice-President of the management consultants Booz & Co. Which four areas does Booz & Co look at when analysing a company’s organisation?

Đáp án:

The formal organisation, the decision rights, the information flows and the incentive

B. Listen to the second part of the interview and answer the questions.

  1. What do you need to answer on the website orgdna.com?
  2. What are your answers compared to?
  3. What can the comparison recognise?
  4. How does Booz & Co analyse a company in more depth?

Đáp án:

  1. A small number of questions about your organisation.
  2. Answers from about 40,000 other executives.
  3. Patterns that help analysts to say that one organisation is like other organisations.
  4. It organises both workshops with the executives and further research into particular aspects that seem to be particularly interesting. 

C. Listen to the third part and answer the questions.

  1. How was the American company organised?
  2. What did Manufacturing and Marketing do?
  3. What was the company not very good at?
  4. How did the consultants want to change the organisation?

Đáp án:

  1. By function
  2. Manufacturing had responsibility for all the plants around the world; Marketing ran all the brands in every country.
  3. Responding to the local markets
  4. They considered whether all business units should report to the US or regionally.

D. Listen to the third part again and complete the gaps.

We did a lot of looking at how the business ………… (1), where products were …… (2) where they were ………….(3), how competitors were …………(4). And we also had to spend a lot of time thinking about whether we needed ………….. (5) or whether every single business unit would report back to the ………… (6), er, in the US.

Đáp án:

  1. operated
  2. made
  3. shipped to
  4. organised
  5. regional organisations
  6. headquarters

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Vocabulary Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 4: Organisation– HocHay

  1. Match the words and phrases (1-8) to their definitions (a-h)

1. subsidiary



2. factory/plant 


3. call centre


4. service centre


5. headquarters



6. distribution centre


7. warehouse



8. outlet


a) an of Ace where people answer questions and make sales over the phone


b) a building from which goods or supplies are sent to factories, shops or customers


c) a place through which products are sold


d) a place where faulty products are mended


e) a company which is at least half-owned by another company


f) the main office or building of a company


g) a building for storing goods in large quantities


h) a large building or group of buildings where goods are made (using machinery)


Đáp án:

  1. e
  2. h
  3. a
  4. d
  5. f
  6. b
  7. g
  8. c

B. What do the following departments do?

  1. R&D
  2. Customer Services
  3. Human Resources
  4. Sales and Marketing
  5. Production
  6. Finance
  7. Administration
  8. Legal
  9. Logistics
  10. Public Relations
  11. IT

Đáp án:

  1. In R&D, people research and develop new products.
  2. Answer calls from customers
  3. Recruit staff
  4. Sell products or services
  5. Make products
  6. Find the money to invest in new activities
  7. Do paperwork (teach this word)
  8. Deal with contracts, regulations and any disputes involving the company
  9. Manage incoming supplies, warehouse stocks and the way products are moved around
  10. Deal with journalists’ enquiries and the public
  11. Information technology: run computer system.

D. Match these activities (a-k) to the correct department in Exercise C (1-11). Can you add any other activities to any of the departments?

a) deal with complaints

b) draw up contracts

c) carry out research

d) train staff

e) run advertising campaigns

f) issue press releases

g) operate assembly lines systems equipment

h) prepare budgets/accounts

i) keep records

j) transport goods and

k) install and maintain

Đáp án:

a) 2

b) 8

c) 1

d) 3

e) 4

f) 10

g) 5

h) 6

i) 7

j) 9

k) 11

G. Which of the words in Exercise F can describe:

a) good qualities of an organisation? b) bad qualities of an organisation?

Đáp án:

  1. b
  2. a or b
  3. b
  4. a
  5. a
  6. a
  7. a or b
  8. a
  9. a
  10. a or b
  11. b
  12. a

Language Review Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 4: Organisation– HocHay

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A. Underline the most suitable noun combination in each group.


a) the meeting of today

b) today’s meeting

c) today meeting


a) a letter of credit

b) a credit’s letter

c) a letter’s credit


a) a business card

b) a card of business

c) a businesses’ card


a) a data’s base

b) a base of data

c) a database

Đáp án:

  1. b
  2. a
  3. a
  4. c

B. Compound nouns are sometimes formed with a number to make expressions of measurement. Change these phrases to make compound nouns.

  1. a plan which lasts for 10 years a 10-year plan
  2. a hotel with five stars
  3. a budget worth three million dollars
  4. a presentation that lasts 20 minutes
  5. a contract worth 200,000 dollars
  6. an industrial empire which is 150 years old

Đáp án: 

  1. a 10-year plan
  2. a five-star hotel
  3. a three-million-dollar budget
  4. a 20-minute presentation
  5. a 200,000-dollar contract
  6. a 150-year-old industrial empire

C. Match each noun (1-10) to two of the following nouns (a-c) to make word partnerships.

1. business

a) virus

b) objectives

c) plan

2. management

a) style

b) technology

c) consultant

3. sales

a) team

b) revenue

c) trade

4. customer

a) care

b) team

c) loyalty

5. company

a) house

b) headquarters

c) logo

6. product

a) profit

b) line

c) range

7. consumer

a) goods

b) logos

c) awareness

8. research

a) project

b) findings

c) knowledge

9. information

a) technology

b) force

c) desk

10. computer

a) union

b) program

c) virus

Đáp án:

  1. b,c
  2. a, c
  3. a, b
  4. a, c
  5. b, c
  6. b, c
  7. a, c
  8. a, b
  9. a, c
  10. b, c 

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