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Market Leader Upper Intermediate – Unit 3: Building Relationships – Listening

A. Alison Ward is Head of Global Corporate Responsibility at Cadbury, the chocolate maker. Listen to the first part of the interview and complete this information about Cadbury’s Cocoa Partnership.

Launched ……………………. (1)
% Cadbury cocoa beans from Ghana ……………………. (2)
% yield from the land ……………………. (3)
Average age of farmers ……………………. (4)
Cadbury partners in Ghana ……………………. (5)

Đáp án:

  1. 2008
  2. 70%
  3. 40%
  4. 50
  5. United Nations Development Programme, Care, VSO, World Vision

B. Listen to the second part and complete these extracts with up to three words in each gap.

  1. Well, we’re really proud that we’ve achieved ………… for our Cadbury Dairy Milk brand …
  2. So it means that people around the world can now make an ………… and …
  3. Fairtrade’s an interesting marque in that it’s not only ………… in consumer markets – it’s very well ………… – but it also has great power back in ………….

Đáp án:

  1. Fairtrade certification
  2. ethical choice
  3. very powerful; understood; cocoa-farming communities

C. Listen to the final part and answer these questions.

  1. What other partnership does Cadbury have?
  2. What does Alison say about the changes in the supply chain with that partnership?

Đáp án:

  1. With milk farmers in the UK
  2. They have been working to change the animal feed, the investment and the way the feed is delivered to the milk farmers, in order to make the farmers more efficient and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Vocabulary Market Leader Upper Intermediate – Unit 3: Building Relationships – HocHay

A. Complete the table below with these verbs, which are often used with the word relations.

break off        build up        cement      cultivate       cut off        damage develop        disrupt       encourage        establish         foster         improve         jeopardise        maintain       promote       restore        resume        sever       sour         strengthen         undermine


Positive meaning Negative meaning

Đáp án:

Positive meaning: cement, cultivate, develop, encourage, establish, foster, improve, maintain, promote, restore, resume, strengthen

Negative meaning:  cut off, damage, disrupt, jeopardise, sever, sour, undermine

B. Choose the correct verb in each sentence.

  1. Sales staff who are impolite to customers disrupt / damage the reputation of a company.
  2. We are planning to promote / establish branch offices in Spain next year.
  3. By merging with a US company, we greatly strengthened /maintained our sales force.
  4. Relations with customers have been fostered / undermined recently by poor after-sales service.
  5. Thanks to a new communications system, we are souring /improving relations with suppliers.
  6. A strike at our factory last year resumed / disrupted production for several weeks.
  7. We could not agree on several points, so we broke off /cut off talks regarding a joint venture.
  8. The success of our new product launch was cemented / jeopardised by an unimaginative advertising campaign.
  9. In order to gain market share in China, we are building up / cutting off relationships with local agents.
  10. Business relations between the two countries have been severed /fostered by official visits and trade delegations.

Đáp án:

  1. damage
  2. establish
  3. strengthened
  4. undermined
  5. improving
  6. disrupted
  7. broke. off
  8. jeopardised
  9. building. up
  10. fostered

C. Match these sentence halves. Then make five more sentences with the verbs in Exercises A and B.

  1. Widespread rumours of a hostile takeover bid are certain
  2. The Accounts Department’s very slow payment of invoices
  3. The long-term contracts, which will run for the next five years,
  4. The excellent relations the company enjoys with the local com m unity
  5. As a result of the government’s imposition of currency controls,

a) are a credit to its highly effective PR Department.

b) have cemented relations between the two companies.

c) its close relations with several major foreign investors have been jeopardised.

d) is causing stormy relations with some of the company’s suppliers.

e) to strain relations between the two leading French software companies.

Đáp án:

  1. e
  2. d
  3. b
  4. a
  5. c

Language Review Market Leader Upper Intermediate – Unit 3: Building Relationships – HocHay

A. Two executives are talking about building relationships with clients. Put the conversation in the correct order. Then listen and check your answers.

a) They were both annoyed. My contact thought I had let him down, and his boss simply decided not to turn up at the meeting. We’d set up a meeting in Brussels by e-mail, but he called it off at the last minute. I’d already checked in at the hotel.

b) Oh, what went wrong?

c) Well, I’m going to carry on working until about six. We could meet after that.

d) How did you turn it round?

e) It’s fine now, but at the start of the year, it was disastrous.

f) So, how’s the relationship with Toyota going?

g) Well, I went over my contact’s head and went directly to his boss at Toyota Motors Europe. I was really trying to clinch a deal.

h) Glad it worked out. Anyway, are you free for a drink later?

i) Well, I had to build up my relationship with my original contact again. At first, he kept putting me off. But eventually we met up and I focused on our relationship, not the next sale. Now we get on really well and sometimes play golf together.

j) Was he annoyed

Đáp án:

  1. f
  2. e
  3. b
  4. g
  5. j
  6. a
  7. d
  8. i
  9. h
  10. c

B. Underline all the multiword verbs in the conversation in Exercise A. Then decide which of them has a similar meaning to each of these verb phrases.

  1. have a friendly relationship
  2. registered
  3. make stronger
  4. change something into something successful
  5. postponing/ delaying
  6. appear /arrive somewhere
  7. disappoint
  8. arrange
  9. continue
  10. cancelled

Đáp án:

  1. get on
  2. checked in
  3. build up
  4. turn[…] round
  5. putting[…] off
  6. turn up
  7. let[…] down
  8. set up
  9. carry on
  10. called […] off

C. Rephrase these comments using the multiword verbs from Exercise B.

  1. We can’t hold the meeting tomorrow.
  2. They’ve postponed the presentation until Thursday.
  3. I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you.
  4. She’s arranged the conference call for nine o’clock.
  5. This is a crucial meeting. Make sure you arrive on time.
  6. Everyone continued working as if nothing had happened.
  7. You’ll need to register at the Hilton around four o’clock.
  8. I have a good relationship with my new boss.

Đáp án:

  1. We’ll have to call off the meeting tomorrow.
  2. They’ve put off the presentation until Thursday. / They’ve put the presentation off until Thursday.
  3. I’m sorry I’ve let you down.
  4. She’s set up the conference call for nine o’clock. / Sh.e’s set the conference call up for nine o’clock.
  5. Thisis a crucial meeting. Make sure you turn up on time.
  6. Everyone carried on working as if nothing had happened.
  7. You’llneed to check in at the Hilton around four o’clock.
  8. I get on (well) with my new boss.

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